i’d like to become a more open person.
i dont want to have anything to hide.

ultimately, i’d like to become a stronger person.

now i know better
you can’t win some arguments
people are stubborn

how dreadful it is
to end a relationship
screaming and yelling

Life is not a movie. :/

dang about to go on a OD sidetrack…
and i guess i’m going to return to looking at psychic powers
and as crazy as i sound, i’m starting to believe in werewolves
sigh fml; i never enjoyed these sorts of spiritual searches
because i always find them to be scary
and i never know whether psychic powers would be accepted by God
and i’m not even a Christian
and then all this leads to me searching for whether God is real orn ot,
and “which” God is real (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc)


put on some good ol’ Miguel and all is good.

She is so cute whenever I see her ):

She does say that I’m cute, intelligent, and handsome, but… poo my mom is always with me has. And I’m so young

She is in a bright yellow flower-patterned sundress today. Ahhh I’m so sad ):
This woman is so cute ):


Holy crud there is this 40+ year old woman selling this new electrotherapy treatment in HL and she is soooo hot wtf.
First time having a crush on a woman of such an age. Omg

Hi Cindy.

i havent heard from you in a while, but it’s your birthday soon, and if you still keep up with me, i hope you’re doing well. we should get in touch again. stay safe & be optimistic.

i’ve been nice out of habit lately.
my actions are generally impassioned, and only done because it’s what i do, and i know it’s right. not because i really want to help people, and that is something i’m going to try to avoid.

thank you Kiya for sparking this passion again.
after certain events i’ve stopped caring about people tbh.
i’ve stopped caring in the way i used to

i guess i’ve been at the extreme of caring about people and it’s been tough so i gave up. im not sure. oh well.

i thought about it, and since i’m really just in it for the experience,
maybe my first time should be like a threesome.

how boss would that be.?

tbh it’s been a while, i’ve always thought that making out with a girl with a boyfriend isn’t really that bad, because well for a lot of reasons, including the fact that they’re clearly going to break up, and the girl was clearly not meant for the guy, and she’d end up cheating on her boyfriend with someone else,

but i decided…. i’m going to try to stay away from that mess…
but holy crap there are always moments where i will come so close to giving in. all the time.

i’m going to try to be a good person. that’s all.
but holy crap… some girls are just mighty sexy and i fantasize about girls with boyfriends because that’s just how i am, and when i don’t know the boyfriend, it gets incredibly hard for me to give two shits.

but i guess all these things have to be taken case-by-case. some shits i don’t fux with, some shitz i will fux with.

im starting to realize the adverse effects that my lack of reading have caused and how my vocabulary is seriously lacking. i can hardly express myself and i feel like i’ve been butchering the words amazing & wonderful because my vocabulary isn’t very strong.