I long for those moments where I feel greater than myself
The times where I appreciate the world and its beauty
These fleeting moments in which I want to share with others
As I am filled with emotions of awe, and inspiration,
Surely forecasting the optimistic future ahead.

There is a power unbeknownst to most. It is a great power that resides in all of us. A power monumental enough to change the world. Yet, its capability to create fulfillment is just as capable in steering others into gloom. It is our profound impact on the world, with every breath that we take. The way that each individual lives his life is subtly imitated by everyone around him. This is the way in which we offer ourselves to the world. This is the way in which we provide others with a model of how they can live their own lives. 

We can either choose to be positive role models, or negative ones. There are only two choices, no inbetweens.

the five Ws

Who can I help to make a difference in the world?
What do I have to sacrifice to be the best I can be?
Why have I been placed here, on this earth, at this time?
Where can I make improvements?
How can I become better at serving others?

i’d like to become a more open person.
i dont want to have anything to hide.

ultimately, i’d like to become a stronger person.

now i know better
you can’t win some arguments
people are stubborn

how dreadful it is
to end a relationship
screaming and yelling

Life is not a movie. :/

dang about to go on a OD sidetrack…
and i guess i’m going to return to looking at psychic powers
and as crazy as i sound, i’m starting to believe in werewolves
sigh fml; i never enjoyed these sorts of spiritual searches
because i always find them to be scary
and i never know whether psychic powers would be accepted by God
and i’m not even a Christian
and then all this leads to me searching for whether God is real orn ot,
and “which” God is real (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc)


put on some good ol’ Miguel and all is good.

She is so cute whenever I see her ):

She does say that I’m cute, intelligent, and handsome, but… poo my mom is always with me has. And I’m so young

She is in a bright yellow flower-patterned sundress today. Ahhh I’m so sad ):
This woman is so cute ):


Holy crud there is this 40+ year old woman selling this new electrotherapy treatment in HL and she is soooo hot wtf.
First time having a crush on a woman of such an age. Omg